Rijks-Blend Espresso


Region: Brazilia, Columbia, Indonesia
Altitude: 1200-2100
Variety: Arabica
Process: Natural, Washed, Wett-Hulled
Cupping: Sweet, Fruity, Apple, Nutty, Berry
Certifications: Organic Colombia coffee

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With our blends we want to offer you an allround espresso coffee. Where as a single origin espresso is roasted lighter to high-light the characteristics of the region, a blend is darker roasted which makes it more soluble for al kinds of espresso machines, including the Italian Mokka Pot.
For this blend we choosed a natural processed Brazilan coffee from the region Carmo de Minas, a fully washed Colombian from Huila and a wett-hulled Sumatra from various regions. The result is a sweet coffee with beautiful fruitiness and a complex body.

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None, Aeropress, Espresso, Italian Moka Pot


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Rijks-Blend Espresso
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