Dedication and passion for coffee, a product that has accompanied us our whole life and now has become its centre.

After a whole life enjoying coffee and more than 20 years serving it to our guests, and learning from them what they like – and what they don’t, we started playing with the idea of roasting our own coffee. Sure you can find good coffee out there, but the curiosity to learn the insights of the entire process and being able to influence it, pulled the trigger.

In April 2019 we adopted our lovely dog. You could think it was life telling us the way to go.
She was a tiny hairy thing, with a brown swirl on the top of her head… like the beautiful coffee cream from freshly roasted coffee… we called her MayaBro. Maya because of Maya Angelou, the great poet and civil rights activist, and Bro for Brotherhood and Brown. And everything took form.

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