Mayabro Coffee Roasters has been burning its own coffee in Saint-Gilles since October 2020 and serves it in the small cozy cafe. Coffee has been roasted on the Quest M3 since 2018. Originally developed for the passionate Home Roaster, this Home Roaster offers all the options that a professional Roaster also has, but the step from a 300 gram Roaster to the Giesen W6 was a big change.

The choice for the Giesen W6 was a conscious choice. Due to the negative pressure that arises when the coffee is roasted, the processes run a little faster than with other roasters and we can burn at lower temperatures, which is more cost-effective and saves a lot of gas. Electric burning was not possible due to the given capacities of the electricity grid, so unfortunately we cannot work completely climate neutral. Our electricity comes 100% from certified electricity from Belgian producers.

We also look for certified producers when choosing raw materials. The fact that this is unfortunately not always possible has to do with the quality of the raw materials offered. Many producers have had to give up because they could not meet the strict European standards and have returned to traditional farming methods. But we continue to work faithfully with suppliers who can guarantee us the traceability of the green coffee and, if possible, we opt for organically grown coffees.

Given that many specialty coffees guarantee a fair payment to the farmers, the Fair Trade label is not always an option for us, because it often concerns cheaper and less qualitative coffees.

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